MoMA Tower – BIM Parametric Model

MoMA BIM ModelMoMA Tower, NYC

Ateliers Jean Nouvel
BIM Parametric Model

As the Chef de Projet I was directly involved in the development and modification of the Parametric Building Information Model for the Museum of Modern Art Tower. The model was built in Rhino, Revit and Catia. We also did some preliminary modeling in Navis Works.

As the design evolved and the stacking diagram studies were performed we needed a completely flexible platform for developing and advancing the 3D model. A building design of this caliber required constant updating and demanded a software which could calculate angle changes at the floor lines and inflection points. The curtain wall system required specific hold points and connection tolerances at the unitized panels, floor stacking joints and diagrid structure nodes. The latticework of the structure was also fritted onto the curtain wall glass, and required in depth coordination and precision alignment for surface prints.

Having the 3D model of the building built many times in several platforms gave us an advanced understanding of the numerous components and trouble areas. By modeling the curtain wall extrusions and diagrid structure with nodes and parametric components, we were able to coordinate every floor to floor height modifications and stacking joint angle immediately and in unison. We were also capable of swapping out multiple building design options with ease.

Although the most desirable approach to BIM management would have been to create our own software technology, this would have required a major investment in time and resources. REVIT Software proved incapable of meeting the highly advanced requirements of our team. Catia proved to be the most powerful software for advanced modeling of building systems. Concern about ultimate control and responsibility of the master model, and a reluctance of consultants to adapt was also a problem during the design and documentation process.

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