New York Times Headquarters

NY Times

New York Times Headquarters
Renzo Piano Building Workshop / FX Fowle Architects
Completed 2005

Project Architect and Senior Level Curtain Wall Designer – 2001 – 2004

Coordinate with Design Architect as part of Architect of Record team. Communicate with large international team, including consulting engineers.  Manage project data flow and work flow. Control of 3D model, CD’s and exterior visualization of the building in Microstation and Triforma/BIM.

A skyscraper in the classical tectonic sense. Renzo Piano’s design is sensitive to the relationship of the overall form and its articulation of the construction details at every scale. Construction as craft is front and center, and technical expression is refined and contemporary, though there is no attempt at breaking any new theoretical ground.

The expression of the materials are limited to a hard cold representation of component parts. There is no mystery or dramatic play with the observers senses.

The building is extremely efficient and flexible, making it a highly advanced office tower. An open plan at the office floors invites light deep into the core. Sunshading and raised floors precede the green building trend. It is a ideal representation of adjacent uses in a repetitive matrix. It functions as a news center that speaks to the street manifested in the open courtyard plan. With retail uses encircling the podium as the news room buzzes openness and light above, it is the heart of New York City’s media culture.

The building’s major flaw is not at all in the inherent ladder-like curtain wall. It is the disappointing last minute change of color for the building exterior which completely changed the aesthetic of the building and it’s imprint on the city. Instead of the proposed white, starched and pressed, intended by the original design, the building is an ominous gotham gray.

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